About Us

About Us

Our focus is to Improve the Website Ranking of Websites Owned and Operated by Australian Accommodation Providers and Improve the Accommodation Owners Profile on Google, with the view to encourage and enable an increase in Direct Bookings from Guests.

Without exception, ALL of our Members Page Rankings have improved over the last 3 months by no less than 30% with the vast majority having a Page Ranking Improvement between 50%  - 75% since Joining True Blue Locals.

We achieve these results without any edits / seo changes to your website or additional expense on our Members part. 

Due to their 'Nature' most Accommodation Websites have an extremely 'Poor' Page Ranking and therefore have a Real Up Hill 'Battle' with Page Ranking against the Overseas Booking Agents with large Advertising Budgets.

Most Websites Owners have invested a Lot of Money and Time in their Website, everything is there, Great Photos, Information, Good Rates, sadly because the Website remains 'Static' the Search Engine 'Crawlers' are very infrequent visitors.

As you are probably aware Traditional SEO is very expensive and time consuming and normally produces results that are less than satisfactory.

True Blue Locals deploys a number of different Methods that influence Google and Alexa to take interest in your Accommodation Website, thus improving your Page Ranking and your 'Visibility'.

This Improved Page Ranking increases your Online exposure, and increases the number of Google Searches that find your Accommodation Website Link when potential Guests conduct a Search for Accommodation, this also increases the Visitor Numbers to your Website. All of which improves your chances of Increasing your Direct Bookings.

This process is not a 'Silver Bullet' nor an instant fix for a Website that is already failing, please do not expect our two week trial to instantly fix the poor Page Ranking you are facing, however it is a start and an inexpensive one at that.

TrueBlueLocals.com is Membership based, with a $50.00 per year membership fee.

We hope that on reflection you consider our plan has merit and could be another 'tool' that you can employ in your Accommodation Business to assist you reducing your Overseas Booking Agent Commission costs further.

True Blue Locals is 100% Australia Owned and Operated from Maleny. Queensland. Australia

Regards and the Very Best of Luck

Ron Burchell

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July 12, 2020
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