The Finders Hotel Motel


  The Hotel Flinders attained its name when Mr James W Gawen took over ownership in March 1879. His vision of a “Flinders Family Hotel” is continued to this day where people can have a drink, a bite to eat sampling the local produce and delicacies and also stay the night experiencing the history behind this amazing hotel and township. The original description of the Flinders Hotel Motel in the Port Augusta Dispatch of 1880 describes the ‘Flinders Family Hotel.’

“…The principal feature in hotels is the “Flinders” quite a palatial affair of from 40-50 rooms.  Travellers can be accommodated with every luxury, including a look out on the top of the house, spacious promenade, fine billiard room, with two tables…”

  March 26 1880 Port Augusta Dispatch To this day there is a lingering feeling of luxury, friendliness, family and a place where travellers and locals alike are able to rest their weary feet and enjoy the palatial and historic atmosphere in the tasteful comforts of the new and modern “The Flinders Hotel Motel”. Come and visit us and experience the history of Port Augusta via the comfort and beauty of the many rooms and bars of The Flinders Hotel Motel and relax while our friendly and welcoming staff cater to your every delight as you lose yourself in a piece of history with The Flinders Hotel Motel Port Augusta.

Indoor Amenities
  •   Air conditioning  true
  •   Flat Screen TV  true
  •   Heating  true
  •   Wifi  true
Outdoor amenities
  •   Balcony  
  •   Parking  true
  • 500 Beach:  500m
  • 500 Train:  500m
  • 20 Bus:  20m
  • 10 Chemist:  10m
  • 10 Bakery:  10m
  • 10 Restaurant:  10m
  • 10 Coffee shop:  10m
Property location