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The Maths

We are working hard to ensure that generates on average Two additional Direct to Host Bookings per week for the Hosts that have decided to become members at a cost of $50.00 per Year.

The Maths:

On average the OnLine Booking Agents charge Australian Accommodation Hosts $20.00 per booking, therefore in two weeks the Annual Membership is recouped and all of the additional Direct bookings over the next 50 weeks are a bonus.

Please check the numbers:

4500 Hosts gain 2 Direct Bookings per week, this saves each Host $40.00 Commission per week, which works out to a total weekly saving over 4500 Hosts of $180,000.00.

Over a full year that works out to $9,360,000.00 and this figure is based on only 4500 Hosts out of some 30,000 Hosts Australia wide.

You can spend a few minutes rearranging the numbers to see that we are talking about the potential of saving Millions of Hard Earned Australian Dollars and keeping some of those Dollars in your 'Pocket'.